A true Elite Pathway with a Premier League category one  club.

We chose Wolverhampton Wanderers as our new International partner because we believed that their organization aligned perfectly with our mission and values as a community club trying to provide elite level players a pathway to an academy. Wolves provide a very personal relationship compared to what we have been use to in the past and so we are excited to have a lot more connectivity with a top professional organization. Through our partnership we have created a new and exciting ELITE PROGRAM for the youth of Chicago with many new opportunities.

To provide the committed players in the City a place to excell at the highest level

To create an improved and elevated competitive environment

Enhanced programming to elevate the level of our players

Increased college recruitment program to help and support our players

Prepare our players physically and mentally for college soccer and beyond


Professional club collaboration

UK Academy visits & tours

Academy staff Zoom calls

Academy staff technical visits to Chicago

Club Development

Coach Education

Community Camps & Clinics

ID Camps & Events


Wolverhampton Wanderer's are one of only 26 UK academies to have Category 1 status!


Only a small group of football academies are awarded with a Category One status, and not all of them are in the Premier League.Category One status is extremely hard to achieve and takes real commitment from the club. Any football academies that have this status is a show of the quality of the coaching, equipment, facilities and strategic development that you can expect to find.Category One football academies also invest a lot to maintain their status.