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Chicago City v. Green Bay Glory: Match Preview

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Kickoff Time & Location: June 19 @ 4:00 pm, Chicago Lions for Hope Sports Complex

Chicago City faces its toughest test of the season as Green Bay Glory comes to town. If you were to look at the Lake Michigan Conference standings, you would be questioning that previous sentence as the Glory have struggled. In fact, they have yet to pick up a point all season.

But it is more than that this weekend. City not only has to face Green Bay Glory but also Milwaukee Bavarians the very next day.

Thankfully, both matches will be played at home on the beautiful turf of the Chicago Lions for Hope Sports Complex, but the inevitable fatigue would surely worry any fan, player, or coach. However, Chicago City Head Coach and reigning Conference Coach of the Year Nick Mulvaney does not seem too concerned.

“We will have a full squad for the whole weekend,” Mulvaney said, “which is the first time this season, so we have plenty of options for both games.”

Mulvaney and his staff will have not one, but two opportunities to rebound from the bitterly disappointing loss last weekend when they fell 2-1 to Chicago Dutch Lions.

“A frustrating loss as we played really well both halves,” Mulvaney said. “We created multiple chances but again, could not finish. They only had three [chances] and scored two. Disappointing but again, I can only be positive from the performance and hope it kicks us on again going into this weekend.”

City Captain Gabby Whittinghill echoed Mulvaney’s sentiment about finishing chances but stressed that the squad is focusing on moving forward.

“Down to the end, we continued to create chances, but couldn’t get it done. The last 45 minutes were tough because it felt like we were doing so much right and could not get the job done. But regardless of that, we kept at them.”

Whittinghill continued, “We are focusing on us this week and continuing to learn and grow. Our focus is on the controllable, which is us and how we play. Both games will have similar game plans with a few little changes here and there, but our focus will remain the same.”

The Glory have yet to pick up a point this season, including getting shut out in two of their previous three matches. However, Mulvaney is not planning on taking any opponent for granted. “Ideally, we would like to take care of business early on Saturday to rest players for Sunday, but we won’t be naïve to think Green Bay won’t be very difficult as they search for a win on the road.”

While not taking any opponent lightly, City should like their chances and have the mentality of a must-win matchup. The Glory have given up multiple goals in every single match they have played so far. City have scored multiple goals in a match only one time in three matches.

The chances should come but will City be able to capitalize and begin the weekend off on the right foot? Only time will tell, ‘and the story will unfold on the South Side of Chicago on Saturday night.

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